• Scapegoat Soaps, LLC

    Hand Milked - Hand Made

  • Our Goats

    The Main Milkers


    Herd Queen

    Maggie is quite the high producer and the absolute boss of the goats! She is also the very sweetest and most personable of all our goats and is a favorite of everyone that meets her.


    The Troublemaker

    Minerva is the smart one. She can open any door and jump through every fence (But when the doors open Venus has to run through first :). She is also very sweet and adores attention.


    The Sweet One

    Venus is the loving one. She loves attention, food, and playing with the other goats. She is also very curious and adventurous, which often leads her into trouble (We can thank Minerva). She is a very lenient mother as well.

  • Soaps & Lotions - Why Goat Milk?

    All of our soaps and lotions are milk soaps, lovingly hand made with the best possible ingredients - fresh milk from our healthy, happy goats.


    Alpha Hydroxy Acids

    Alpha hydroxy acids help to remove dead skin cells gently. This leaves new soft skin that is smoother and younger looking.



    Goat milk is brimming with vitamins, especially vitamin A, that are necessary to repair damaged skin. Many high end facial creams contain added vitamin A, while goat milk contains high amounts naturally.



    Fat molecules are a huge part of soap and lotion and goat milk has medium chain fats that have a unique Ph very similar to our own. That makes it easier for our skin to absorb and doesn't cause irritation.


    Anti- inflammatory and Anti-bacterial Properties

    Goat milk has now been shown to treat skin irritation and acne problems due to these amazing anti-inflammatory properties and it reduces the growth of microbial organisms on the skin.

  • From Bucket to Bathtub

    The art and science of soapery

    Making our soap is three parts husbandry (feeding, milking, and generally looking after our goats!) two parts chemistry (that's the secret recipes!) and maybe more than one part magic.


    The Art

    Bathing shouldn't just be functional. Your skin should feel smooth and smell clean. A beautiful soap enhances your time in the tub or shower!


    The Science

    From making sure our milking ladies are eating just right, to mixing fragrances that can relax, calm, or evoke emotions, to the actual science of saponification, there's a lot more than measuring and stirring involved!


    Tried and Tested

    Every batch of our hand made goat milk bar soap, lotion, and lip balm is tested for quality purposes.

    Due to the nature of being hand made, each individual bar will have it's own lumps and bumps and may vary slightly from a previous batch.

  • Shop Now

    Check out our products.

    Goat Milk Soap

    Goat Milk Soap

    All soaps are hand crafted in small batches, making each bar unique and special, like fingerprints they are all alike yet no two are the same.
    Soaps marked with EO use essential oils as the only fragrance and have no synthetic scents.
    Coming soon
    Lip Balm - Shea Butter, Olive Oil & Beeswax

    Lip Balm - Shea Butter, Olive Oil & Beeswax

    Absolutely lip smacking!
    Not everything can be made with goat milk - our luscious lip balm range is made with shea butter, olive oil and beeswax - so they feel good, smell good, and are good for your lips!
    Try natural shea butter, or one of our four other yummy flavors.
    Coming soon
    Goat Milk Lotions

    Goat Milk Lotions

    3.50 - 14.00
    Goat milk is the first ingredient in all lotions. Every bottle of lotion is from milk from our herd of happy, healthy Alpine Dairy Goats! Hand Milked, Hand Made, Always!
    Coming soon
  • Which Soap?

    Simply Pure or Something Scented - Let our soap files help you decide!

    Simply Pure Goat Milk Soap

    All Natural.

    Delicate. Gentle. Mild.

    This lovely soap is ideal for those with sensitive skin or noses, and will leave you feeling fresh without any artificial fragrances.

    The original homestead soap made with our fresh goat milk.


    An activated charcoal soap

    This is a soap with minimal scent and lots of cleaning power without being drying.

    Activated charcoal is used to absorb impurities like chemicals and bacteria. It's well known for helping to prevent acne.

    Winter Sleigh - Vegetarian

    A lard-free soap

    With the subtle tones of coconut and the softening touch of olive along with our beautiful fresh goat milk, and just a drop of vanilla, this lightly sweet scent has been universally liked.

    Suitable for milk drinking vegetarians, this soap contains no animal fats.

    Snazzy Lavender - Vegetarian

    All Natural, lard-free, essential oils.

    With natural colorant and essential oil scent, this soap has an incredible lather.

    Made with palm oil and hemp seed oil for extraordinary cleaning and conditioning power.

    This lovely soap can be used as a hair and body bar.

    Made to order only, (surcharges apply.)

    Harvest Spice

    Morrocan red clay, essential oils.

    The subdued cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in this goat milk bar soap are bound to bring to mind autumn leaves falling and pumpkins ripening on their vines.

    The Morrocan Red Clay acts as a detoxification agent and is wonderful for helping soothe acne prone skin, while adding an earthy tone to the bar.


    Mica colored block soap.

    This intoxicating scent just fizzes and sizzles off your skin, perfect for warm weather!

    Crisp and clear, with overtones of sweet citrus and meadow flowers, the smells of summer blossoming around you.

    The photographs do no justice to the vibrant colors of this block soap, one of our best sellers!

    Morning Bean

    Calorie free indulgence!

    Just peeling back the wrapper is like walking into a good cafe.

    The warm comforting smell of a freshly brewed Italian espresso paired with the sweet scent of a newly baked chocolate brownie, this is the perfect soap bar for a mid-morning pick-me-up shower.

    As tempting as they are, don't eat them!

    Rustic Myrrh

    Mica colored block soap.

    An ancient shrub with resin renowned for both properties both cleansing and healing, myrrh has a warm, spicy and slightly medicinal fragrance.

    With our fresh goat milk and other ingredients, this soap is cleansing and soothing.


    Very Berry Vino

    Mica colored bar soap

    A bright and sweet soap with beautiful color and intoxicating scent! Very sweet and fruity with slight undertones of wine.


    Indian Sandalwood

    Seriously sensual

    A strong and masculine scent with deeply woody and earthy notes, this soap is a huge seller and market favorite. Colored with mica and activated charcoal this soap is visually striking and has a scent to match.


    Orange Yuzu with Calendula

    Crisp citrus

    This beautiful bar smell like a freshly cut citrus fruit and is dotted with calendula petals and topped with the bright blooms!

    Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey

    A warm and homey soap

    This warm soap smells divine! A strong lather and rich, sweet smell makes this a universal favorite!

  • Other Information

    Fancy Shapes and Beautiful Scents

    Looking for something specific and can't find it? Let us know!

    We are always looking for new ideas for fragrance combinations and colors.

    If you have something you'd like to have made custom to your desires, or as the perfect gift for a loved one or friend - simply drop us a line!

    Postage - Domestic and International

    United States Postal Service


    We carefully pack and ship our products in the Priority Mail boxes you see pictured here, and ship to anywhere in the US. Your order will be finalized and totaled before you are charged and the package is sent.


    Please contact us if you are wishing to order commercial or market quantities as we are also able to arrange bulk freight.


    International shipping is not a standard rate and does need to be organized separately - please contact us directly for a shipping quote. International shipping generally requires 14-30 days depending on the receiving country.


    Scapegoat Kids

    We do have quality kids for sale in the spring. Doelings make great future milkers and wethers are ideal pack-goats or simply one of the best pets you'll ever have!

    Want to know more about us and the farm?

    Visit the farm page and blog! The Misadventures of a Hobby Farmher!

    Gift baskets and sets available upon request. Simply send us an e-mail and let us know what you're looking for!

    Perfect for Mother's Day, holidays, birthday's, and everything else!


    37636 Courtney Creek Dr. Brownsville, Oregon 97327


    Orders, questions, comments!

  • Feedback

    Here's what some of our customers have to say!

    Anna - AK

    You can't go wrong with any of the wonderful products Scapegoat Soaps has to offer!

    I've ordered multiple times and the products always make it all the way to Alaska packaged so nicely.

    The lip balm is amazing and make my lips so soft. The soaps and lotions smell so good. I love using natural products!

    Thank you for making such awesome products!

    Sharon - OR

    I love the products!

    The soaps lather up nicely and leave my skin feeling so soft. The lotions rub right in, are not greasy and smell heavenly!

    After using the chapstick, I could never go back to commercial chapstick !

    I love knowing that there are only wholesome ingredients and no dangerous chemical additives.

    Well done, Scapegoat Soaps!

    Sandy - VA

    The soaps lather so well - one sudsing of the washcloth is all you need and the lotion absorbs quickly and cleanly with a feel that's much better than other natural lotions.

    It's such a treat to find products safe to put on your family's bodies AND they feel/smell awesome!!!!

    Jeff - CO

    I had severely chapped lips and I don't ever use chap stick and I used your lip balm and my lips were healed in a day. No joke.

    Snazzy - CA

    Loved my custom soaps, won't be buying regular soaps at stores anymore!

    Debbie - TX

    Fast service and the products are superior!

    Winter has been hard on me in many ways - the lotions are skin savers!

    And the soaps are delightfully fragranced and long lasting.


    Morgan - TAS, Australia

    Received the package faster than expected, beautifully wrapped, smelling so divine the postman wanted to know what was in there!

    The soaps and lip balm traveled really well and are absolutely fabulous. I can't decide which scent is my favourite and there's still more I can't wait to try!